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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How often should my filters be changed?

A: You should change your filters every 3 months. If you have indoor pets,
you should check them every month, change them every 2 months.

Q: My furnace isn’t working, what could be wrong?

A: There are several things that you can check before calling an HVAC service technician.

  1. Change the batteries in your thermostat.
  2. Check your filter (a dirty filter will cause lack of airflow which could possibly trigger the high limit trip out on your furnace).
  3. Listen to the operation of your furnace.
    • Listen for a small fan to come on (inducer motor),
    • You should see the ignitor glowing orange or hear a clicking noise
    • A second clicking noise from your gas valve opening
    • Then you should see flames down the inside of all the heat exchanger tubes
    • Then the blower motor should come on, pushing warm air into your vents. If one of these fails, you’ll need to call a technician, but it will help point to what the issue is.

Q: There’s water coming from my furnace, what’s going on?

A: You could possibly have a frozen coil (part of the air conditioner). Shut off your air conditioner. Check your filter. If it is clean, you either don’t have enough freon in your unit, or have too much freon. You’ll need a technician with gauges to determine what the current pressure is.

Q: How much will a new furnace cost me?

A: Furnaces need to be sized to your home. A high BTU furnace in a small house would not have enough air to fire up properly, causing it to trip out on high limit constantly. A small BTU furnace in a large house would run all the time and burn twice as much fuel necessary to adequately heat your home. Double H HVAC does provide free estimates and provides a warranty on labor and parts for new installations.